SPONSER GREECE must inform the user/visitor before procceeding to an order, of the following facts:

  • The main features of the product.

  • The total value of the products/goods, including VAT or any other fee.

  • Other additional charges (shipping, delivery, postage).

   It is forbidden to charge visitors/users at an additional cost that exceeds the cost of using the same payment method by the company (e.g cash on delivery).

   Upon completion of the order and after the user/visitor pays the relevant amount of money, SPONSER GREECE shall deliver the agreed product within a reasonable time schedule, that does not exceed thirty (30) days since the date of the order. In case of unjustified delay the user/visitor may terminate the contract, thereby obliging the company to refund the money received.

   The user/visitor has the right to withdraw from this contract and return the products purchased, free of charge, without having to notify SPONSER GREECE of the reason for returning the products, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the products were delivered. In this case, the user/visistor will be only charged with the direct cost of returning the products.

   Refunds are accepted only if the products the user/visitor wishes to return are in the same condition in which they were received, that is to say, without their packaging being unsealed or tampered, along with the retail receipt or invoice.

   It is prohibited to return products that are damaged or expire soon and those which are considered inappropriate for health or hygiene reasons.

   In order to avoid discomfort, the user/visitor should carefully check by the time the order is being delivered, the contition of the products sold, if their packaging is intact and identify if there are any obvious defects (e.g broken merchandise, wrong item etc.).

   The user/visitor who wishes to return a product can contact us via our email or through our call center.

   In case of product returns, the relevant amount of money will be refunded within fourteen (14) calendar days after SPONSER GREECE receives the returned products.